I’m Bad At This


I’m bad at following a schedule, bad at keeping up with things, and there’s no promise for whether 2017 is going to actually make that better, but we’ll find out. Thanks for tuning in.

-xoxo Margot

Letter: Dear 2016


Dear 2016,

You are the equivalent of a toddler screaming and kicking for ice cream in the middle of Costco whose parents insist you’re just “an energetic child.” You are the equivalent of that toddler prompting shitting and barfing in the middle of a busy aisle. You are the equivalent of the parents from earlier laughing it off and not bothering to clean it up.

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Fashion: A Very Spoopy Combo

Halloween+is+a+little+over+a+month+away_d01d3d_6004094I’m. So. Excited. For. Halloween. Like beyond excited. Pour me a cauldron of Butterbeer and hand me some pumpkin pasties on a plate painted with cute, non-threatening spiders with a side of the finest Milk Duds in your Trick-or-Treat bucket. Give me all of the fake spiderweb bags to decorate my dinner table with one of those skull candles that bleeds when you light it. Have The Exorcist on repeat and “This is Halloween” blaring everytime someone walks past my mailbox. Bring out ALL of the dankest memes as this year’s costumes. Come to Mama.

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